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Rocket Cat Learning is on a mission to make high-quality education accessible to all. 

We do this by making four promises, based on the problems we've found with the majority of educational products and services that have failed us personally in the past.

We promise to provide you with a learning experience that is:

1. Effective    

2. Efficient     

3. Flexible     

4. Affordable



We have found the perfect fusion of education and technology. Our co-founders include a graduate of Vanderbilt's Peabody College of Education and an AI scientist who was a leader at ACT.


With us, there is no competition between education and technology. They are forever woven together to create services and products for learners that have not been possible until now.

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How much does it cost?

Our Planetarium feature is totally free.

Our mini-lessons are offered on a subscription basis. Please visit the app for more information.

Can I use this in my classroom?

I’ve seen similar apps before.

What makes yours the best?

Yes. Please submit a form in our 'Get In Touch' section below for more information.

No other app helps learners speak as much as ours. With us, you don't just practice translating sentences into your native language, you learn to think in a new language as you practice speaking face-to-face in a structured, systematic program. Our placement tests are effective, and we continually assess you to make sure you are taking the right lessons in the right order.


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